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Alexander Street Literature is a comprehensive, cross-searchable package of collections covering literatures of place, race, and gender. Today, Alexander Street Literature features 13 collections and offers over 600,000 pages of poetry, short fiction, and novels, along with more than 4,000 full-text plays. With new content being added on a regular basis, the current package currently has over 852,000.
As Meninas

As Meninas, by Lygia Fagundes Telles
Lygia Fagundes Telles is one of Brazil's most important living writers and winner of the Camoes Prize, the greatest literary award in the Portuguese language. Her most famous novel, As Meninas, tells the story of three young girls in the early 1970s, during Brazil's military dictatorship.

Kyk over al

Kyk over al
A Guyanese literary magazine edited by A. J. Seymour and Ian McDonald. .

Fourteen Hundred Thousand

Fourteen Hundred Thousand, by Sam Shepard
One of the author's earliest plays, produced at Cafe La Mama in New York in 1965.